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The “Do Something” Committee

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The mission and outreach initiatives of Celebration Church are led by the “Do Something” Committee. Their mandate is to encourage the congregation to be engaged in the mission of Jesus Christ is this community and around the world.  This can be done through participation in various mission initiates and by praying for these initiatives.  The “Do Something” Committee also distributes the 7% of our general offerings which is allocated to missions.
Some of our projects and initiatives are outlined below.

ARDFC May 2020 Newsletter

Cuba Partnership —
San Marcos, Moa, Cuba.

In 2014 our “Do Something” Committee undertook a new and exciting international project in Cuba.  ANiC congregations were invited to partner with a Reformed Episcopal church in Cuba.  Following Pastor Brian’s visit to Cuba in 2014 we decided to become a partner with San Marcos church in Moa and to support the New Eden farm project.  Our donation of $4,800.00 CAD each year  assists with the salaries of the clergy and the farm workers.   The profits raised on the farm  assist the church financially and will contribute towards  the staffing salaries for future years to come.

In February 2017 Pastor Brian visited the churches in the Havana area.  With Bishop William he attended an ordination, a confirmation and preached at the Sunday morning service at the Olive Tree church.  He delivered a 50 pound Medi-Pak provided by Health Partners International Canada.  This medicine is being distributed through the churches on the island.

For several years members of our congregation have visited our partner churches in Cuba.  Our members have delivered medicine and water filtration kits and attended worship services.  In January of 2019 Mike Tweedle was part of the ANiC Mission Team and in January 2020 it was Gay Welsman who was on the team.  The ANiC team visits various partner congregations and attends the Cuban Synod meeting.  We recently delivered  50 pound Medi-Paks as well as water filtration kits.

Panama — Guna Yala Mission —
Howard and Mariela Walker

Howard & Mariela

The Guna are the 2nd largest of Panama’s seven indigenous groups.  They number about 50,000 in total, half of which live in Guna Yala (san Blas islands) and half on the mainland.

Each spring there is a volunteer medical team.   The Guna islanders are very happy to welcome ashore our volunteer dental/optical mission. A charter plane in addition to the regular flight was needed in order to  transport the 16 member dental crew plus equipment and their personal baggage.  The dental component included 6 practicing dentists plus oral surgeon. All came from the Chicago area.  Our  Canadian representative was Rex Leyte from Barrie ON who once again ran the eye clinic for us.

This year, we attended to 620 infants, pre kinder and kinder then students up to and including grade 9. Oral examinations preceded fluoride varnish applications for each individual except for those who required fillings or extractions.  Dr Chris Burseth and his team provide a very high standard of care with the latest in high tec equipment – better,  they claim, than many practioners in the US.  The oral surgeon is one of the best known oral and maxillofacial surgeons in his country.

In the optical department approximately 300 women and some men went home following examination with gifts of new lenses matching his prescriptive readings as closely as his large supply permitted. It was great reward to hear their response of “nuedi” (very good!!) as the ladies deftly threaded again their tiny needles used in sewing the ‘invisible’ stitches in their mola artwork – the sales of which are so important in helping to put food on the family table.

We are very grateful to Celebration Church for your generous donation, and for holding our Guna families in your prayers.  It is heartening to see how many Guna are turning to the Lord.  It is our mission and privilege to let them know that the humanitarian gifts they receive come not from any Fundacion but a loving and faithful God who can offer believers the greatest gifts of all.

Pregnancy Resource Centre in Barrie —
Baby Bottle Campaign

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Each spring we hand out baby bottles to everyone asking that between Mothers Day and Fathers Day they will fill the bottle with change (or a cheque) in support of the Barrie Pregnancy Resource Centre. The Pregnancy Resource Centre provides assistance and guidance for expectant parents, especially when the pregnancy is unexpected. Since its founding in 2008 it has assisted 800 women.  Peggy and Marion assist in providing materials for expectant mothers and with the weekly Intercession.